Organization of the Library

The Hurt/Battelle Memorial Library was established as a school district library in 1913.  Hurt/Battelle Memorial Library is a school district library, which means our geographic boundaries are the same as the West Jefferson School District with a population of over 7,000 people. 

The library is governed by a seven [7] member Board of Trustees [hereafter referred to as “Library Board”].  As the library’s legal taxing authority, the West Jefferson Board of Education has the responsibility of appointing all seven members to the Library Board.  Each member serves a term of seven years and is appointed on a staggered basis, one appointment being made each year.  Once appointed, the Library Board is autonomous and is solely responsible for the operation of the public library.  Library Board members serve without compensation. 

The Library Board is the legal authority for the Hurt/Battelle Memorial Library and is responsible to the taxpayers of the library district.  They are entrusted to oversee the library’s budget and to plan library programs and services.

The chief administrator for the library is the Director.  The Director is appointed by the Library Board and serves at the pleasure of the board.  The Director is responsible for all aspects of the everyday operations of the library and for assisting the board in developing and administering the budget, library programs and services.

The Hurt/Battelle Memorial Library receives its primary financial support from the State Public Library Fund.  The funds are collected at the state level and then distributed to the 88 Ohio counties on a monthly basis.  It is the responsibility of the Madison County Budget Commission to distribute funds to each of the four public libraries in Madison County, based on need.  Although the Hurt/Battelle Memorial Library is a school district library, we take great pride in reaching far beyond our boundaries to serve all the residents of Madison County, and other Central Ohio areas. 

The Hurt/Battelle Memorial Library has represented the belief that the best service is a reflection of our customer’s wishes, and we will continue to do so.  The Hurt/Battelle Memorial Library is an important part of our past, an integral part of our present and an essential part of West Jefferson’s future.