Days Gone By

West Jefferson in Days Gone By with a historical photo of Main Street West Jefferson


"I was born in 1936 in a house right on Main St. in West Jefferson, graduated from WJHS Class of '54.  I have always been interested in the history of West Jefferson.  In 1960, I decided to write a complete history of the town.  I worked on this for a number of years, finally getting up to 1935 and ran out of steam.  I get most of the history from history books and from the Madison County newspapers from 1855 on.  I have all of these stories and now that there is no Madison Press, there's no way for people to read them.  I find them very interesting and I think that you will also."

Charlie Miller 

- Charlie Miller of West Jefferson, Ohio


To read the articles written by Charlie, open the PDFs below. They will be in order by Series number. If you would like a physical copy, please download and print the article, or stop by the Library to have a Staff Member print them for you free of charge.